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Frontend Team

The Front End team has discussed how Hapinoy information will be presented to the user. A rough draft of the user interface is to use a webpage with multiple tabs.

The different tabs would be:

  • This page would display a map of the existing stores. If possible, there will also be a future feature that will allow the map tab to display different maps, for example a map of only existing stores, a map of only proposed stores, or a map containing both existing and proposed stores. If this is not possible, then the webpage could be configured with more tabs, each containing a different map page.
  • A couple of future features of the page would include:
  • The ability to mouse over a store and get a pop-up box which would display the store information.
  • The ability to zoom in and out on the map.


  • This page would be used for administrative purposes. It would be used to add new members to a group with administrative abilities. Once a member has administrative abilities he/she would be able to add new stores or delete old stores from the database.

AddRemove What user sees if not logged in.PNG AddRemove Locations.PNG

  • The search page would allow any viewer to search for a store by:
  • province
  • town
  • barangay
  • Once the store was found it would return the stores:
  • address
  • phone number
  • owner's name
  • link to the map page to display the map location

SearchFor Locations.PNG