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Work Products and Demo Sites

  1. SourceForge Project Page: UNHM Internships
  2. Database Design Document

Project Summary

Team Members

Project Goals


  • Discuss RMH Homebase
  • Naming Conventions/Code base
  • P1 Status Reports
  • Software Development
  • Build Project Skeleton
  • General outline of the application
  • Project requirement and elicitation


  • Design reports/queries
  • Develop SQL queries
  • Create SQL files that can be easily run
  • Coding


  • Steve Simard
    • Backup.php
    • Install Guide
  • Andres Lara
    • IT
    • User Guide
    • Updated Wiki
  • Keith Adams
    • Help Guide (HTML online and documentation)
    • Wiki edits and tweaks


  • Make project installable
  • Create documentation for running/installing the application
  • Help files, tutorials, tests finished
  • Finalize requirements, find and fix bugs


Week 1

Week 2


  • Some of the members of the group were able to meet with Donna and gathered the following UNHM Internships has 4 major components those are:
  1. The ability for organizations to add their opportunities to the database
  2. The ability for students to browse/select internships
  3. The ability for an Admin to add/delete students and internship opportunities
  4. The ability for other people to be view reports, but not change data

  • Kevin & Dan worked on creating the database & tables to be used in the project from the data gathered above.
  • All files are kept track of using Tortoise SVN. All files can be found at the following: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unhminternships/
  • The first iteration of the Internship-request-form
  • Andres worked with the rest of the group to keep the Wiki Page up to date and also updated the database-design with information provided from Donna.

Week 3

P3 Status Reports

Week 4

P4 Status Reports