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1.What role have you assumed?

-I have assumed a role of implementation and IT support

2.What task have you performed in this role?

-Assisted Dan L. and Matt W in updating the search.php and put the mysql infrastructure up on the stem server

3.What work products have you completed? Reference them with links to wiki pages (or wiki sections) or names of files uploaded to your portfolio.

-search.php,donorinfo.php and I did the database/table creation and troubleshooting through mySql on the stem server.

all the work can be found on the stem server at http://stem.unh.edu/Donate

use the credentials 'test' and '123'.

4.Who else (if any) has assumed this role with you and how did the collaboration go? Name means of collaboration used and rate the quality of the collaboration.

-Met with Dan and Matt on sunday to work on the project, collaborated with the rest of the team through

5.What infrastructure resources have you used to do your work?

-The information on the internet,class notes previous DONATE documentation, and the wiki.

6.What roles do you plan to assume for P4, and what tasks and work products you’ll take responsibility for?

-Implementing more features of the Donate project. This involves more mySql databases and modification the the existing php files.