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The DV Unit CMS (Domestic Violence Unit Counseling Management System) is an application that prosecutors and counselors of the Domestic Violence Unit Manchester, New Hampshire can use to add, store, edit, and delete information regarding the various cases and individuals they work with.

Activities and Artifacts


The project participates in the 2011 UNH Undergraduate Research Conference with a poster presentation. Team presentation scheduled for April 27, 2011, 3:30 PM.


Rebecca Lee, Scott Innes, Harry Dodson

Project Sponsors

Domestic Violence Unit of Manchester


The Domestic Violence Unit of Manchester dedicates itself to protecting the victims of domestic violence. Part of their job entails managing defendant cases, tracking court dates, and providing access to counseling programs. Currently, prosecutors and counselors maintain cases and programs manually through spreadsheets and documents. Data stored in spreadsheets is prone to errors, such as redundant and lost records, which leads to inaccuracies in the records.

In order to prevent wasted time and errors from the old system, we have created the Domestic Violence Unit of Manchester Case Management System (DV Unit CMS) system. This application aims to provide the organization with a working application to store and update defendant records, cases, and counseling programs.

The DV Unit team worked collectively through the use of a wiki site and version control to produce the source code and documentation. DV Unit CMS uses a model-view-controller architecture to create a web-based user interface. The controller tier creates and calls on the relational database using MySQL. Users interact with the view level of the system through the PHP/HTML based interface. The model tier acts as a gateway between the database and the user.

The end result is an easy to use application that stores, retrieves and updates cases and programs stored in the database. This will reduce errors and ensure the integrity of records maintained by the DV Unit of Manchester. The DV Unit CMS will be a significant improvement from the old system, providing for more simplicity and better reliability.


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