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          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">'''Real Salt Lake MLS'''

[ Real Salt Lake MLS] - As of July 26, Real Salt Lake had a 9-3-6 win loss tie record for 33 points and 4rth place in the MLS Soccer Western Conference. Nick Rimando is added to the All Star team. He is second in the league in goals against average with .71 and shutouts with nine while posting an 8-3-6 record for the Utah side. Rimando joins teammates Kyle Beckerman and Jamison Olave on this year's 32-man MLS All-Star roster, giving RSL at least three All-Stars for the third year running.

Real Salt Lake won Major League Soccer's 14th Cup title in 2009, just the team's fifth season, despite long odds and a plethora of cynics, naysayers and non-believers along the way. Despite an 11-12-7 regular season record, and the necessary combination of several dozen scenarios, RSL won six of its final seven games en route to capturing MLS Cup 2009, embracing its &quot;Team is the Star&quot; philosophy to vanquish not one, not two, but a trio of designated players - Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Cuauhtemoc Blanco and David Beckham - as well as the Columbus Crew, Chicago Fire and Los Angeles Galaxy sides which surrounded them. Real Salt Lake MLS - [;;tag=investtjevery-20&amp;linkCode=ur2&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=390957 Real Salt Lake Merchandise]</rev>
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